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    A&M Home Inspections provides a superior home inspection report that is straight to the point, delivering quality and clarity, with the findings presented logically.  The report includes improvement recommendations for conditions found, with time frames. 

    The report is easy-to-read, engaging and includes numerous illustrations and the actual pictures taken during the inspection. 

    The report is filled with intuitive links that provides more detailed information surrounding the findings. This reference material helps our clients understand how their home works, the life cycles and costs of home components and critical maintenance tips.


    Home Inspection Report Options

    Horizon - Home inspection report is emailed to you enabling you to access the report online. This logical and thorough report contains your home inspection complete with pictures and diagrams in an easy to follow format. The report contains additional valuable home reference material information including illustrations from the Illustrated Home, technical articles from Carson Dunlop’s knowledge base, and the complete text of the Home Reference Book.

    Hardcopy Home Inspection Report - This has been Carson Dunlop’s reporting system since 1989, the Home Reference Book is both a home inspection reporting system and a valuable home resource. This descriptive report contains over 450 pages and 550 illustrations.

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